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Which Is The Right Helpline To Reach Working Tax Credits?

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Note that any call to 084 numbers will go at a cost of 7 pennies per minute. An access charge by your phone provider will also count.

It’s a type of a benefit that targets the working class who are not able to make enough income to sustain their lifestyles.

Who qualifies to benefit from working tax credits?

It is not for all who wish to go for it but for only those who qualify. As mentioned, it targets the people who spend most of their hours working but never make enough to make a living out of their own incomes. They could do with boosts. If hats you, then you qualify to apply for this benefit. Those who don’t qualify restrictively include those over 25 years of age and those receiving universal credit. Those who fall between 16 and 24 years of age and have kids already are allowed to apply. Such people within the same age bracket and with certain disabilities can also qualify for a claim.

‘Basic element’ is available to all those who qualify to claim working tax credit. This element is now valued at ₤1960 every year. With that being the basic, you can expect other elements on top and these are claimed depending on the personal circumstances of the applicant.

A couple/ single parent element is valued at ₤2010 annually. Those working for over 30 hours weekly can also benefit from another element valued at ₤810 annually. Disabled persons also have another element valued at ₤2970 annually with the severely disabled receiving ₤1275

Elements don’t end here. Another one is for the people with kids which are being taken care of by childcare provides. That is in other words to say, there are many elements as long as Working Tax Credits are concerned. Pick you phone can call the helpline above to discover if you are eligible for any of them.

How do I start claiming working tax credits?

It’s easy. Just pick your phone and call working tax credit contact number helpline. Understanding when to do that is nice for convenience. During weekdays, helpline service is available from 8am to 8pm. That changes on Saturday starting at usual 8am to 4pm.if you have changes that have the potential of impacting your claim, the same contact number is the one to call. The risk comes when the personnel inside Working Tax Credits come to realize of the changes that you never let them know of. That is punishable by a fine of not more than ₤300. That applies if 30 days have elapsed and you didn’t make point of updating your details to allow the changes to reflect on your account. If you file your details carelessly, the fine is higher going up to ₤3000. That is for deliberate mistakes.

Be ready with necessary info before you make a call to the Working Tax Credit helpline. Insurance number, day you started your job, approximate date of giving birth where applicable and such details are important to the helpline agent.

List of frequently asked questions

How will I get paid the working tax credits?

These benefits are paid into your bank accounts or building
society account after a duration of 4 weeks. You will get your first payment 4
weeks since applying for the claim. However, that doesn’t go on forever. You
have to apply again every year for subsequent payments to go on.

How long do I have to
work on weekly basis to qualify for a working tax credit claim?

Different people requires to work for different number of hours to claim these credits. It’s the different circumstances that are brought to the table. Adults within the range of 25 – 59 years of age and without kids have to work for over 30 hours every week to make a claim. Those over 60 and the disabled only need to work for over 16 hours. Same case applies to single parents including parents with the other partner in jail, hospital or disabled to the extent of not inability to work. Couples have to work for over 24 hours but one can work for only 16 hours.

Is it possible to claim when am a freelance?

Yes, self-employed people can also claim these benefits. However, you need to show your effort in willing to making profits and regular working through hard work. Again, make sure you stick to the codes of your profession or filed of work. Additional details may be required by the tax office if you make less than what is indicated in the national wage minimum. But don’t panic, these things will be clarified by the helpline representative if you contact him/her. All your enquiries will be answered.

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